Web Design

Robert Luttman & Associates provides unique web consulting, design, and webmaster talents.

  • We have been on the web since 1994.
  • We have a strong background in process measurement and improvement.
  • We have designed dozens of databases and information systems.
  • We have designed and managed web sites.

This background allows us to cut through the hype and fads caroming across the Internet, and to focus on how information technology can improve your organization’s performance. Anybody can design a flashy web site. But it takes a process person to design a web site that can interact with you and your business processes to deliver high quality lower cost products and services.

We spend the time to understand your needs and processes. We then build web sites around four core competencies:

Content: We organize what you know, what you sell, and who you are into easy to browse concise sites. Simple architecture and convenient search tools, plus the capability to keep the material current and relevant makes for web sites that people use – and send their friends to.

Community: We provide the mailing list, bulletin board, chat room, newspage, and other tools that allow you to build lasting relationships with your customers, clients, and members. And that allow them to build a network of relationships between themselves.

Collaboration: We provide the tools for you to work with your customers, clients, and members. From secure private sites that allow file sharing, to our virtual office technology, we can increase your ability to work with your customers, clients, and members.

Commerce: We provide the tools to solicit contributions, increase membership, register seminar attendees, and sell product. Whether you want to compete globally, or with the guy down the street.

What can we do for you?

We start with a free initial consult. This fact finding effort allows us to determine what your needs and problems are, and to then develop a project plan to address those needs. Maybe you don’t need a web site but, rather, improved processes or customer service skills (after all, we can help with those issues, too!). If a new or improved web site is what you need we can develop the architecture and design, develop the site, help you find and ISP to host it, even be your webmaster and maintain the site.