Are Piano Lessons Worth Your Money?

Child learning how to play the pianoOne of the prominent and usual after-school extra lessons that most parents let their children engage to is the piano lesson. This, however, is not a cheap endeavor. Usually, piano lessons instructors are being paid by the hour, and it typically ranges from $50 – $70 per hour depending on the location. There are even teachers who can charge around $80 – $100 per hour especially if they are experienced and expert teachers and already have affluent clients. Piano lessons are usually done twice to thrice a week for roughly one hour to an hour and a half.

If you sum up the costs of having a private piano lesson for your kids, you can see it is quite costly. There are even cases wherein you need to drive your child to the piano instructor’s house since there is undoubtedly a piano where they can practice on. And naturally, it can cost you gasoline fee. Plus, there will be miscellaneous stuff you would need to allot a budget on such as music books, annual recitals, and many others. The same goes when your child wants singing lessons to become a singer.

Teaching vocal lessons to a childIf you’re willing to spend much on piano lessons, then the cost won’t be an issue with you. However, if you’re not well-off, but you just want your child to learn how to play piano, they might be thinking if it is worth it.

I’d say yes, it’s worth it!

Here’s why:

1. You are doing your child a favor of knowing how to play an instrument which can be used to their advantage in the future. They might not be playing yet in a large audience, but you’ll never know where their knack for playing piano can take them.

2. Your child can develop a good attitude on discipline. There’s a recent study that says people who are learning how to play piano have improvements when it comes to dealing with problems, social interactions, and even with time management. There is a positive effect on the brain of those who are playing music.

3. Taking piano lessons can also help develop your child’s attitude. It can further make your child have a well-rounded personality. There will also be improvement in their communication skills and even their leadership skills. It can also teach them how to work in a team and be appreciative of the rewards that come from working together.

4. Piano lessons can help improve or develop your child’s creativity. Thru music, the brain can have access to information from a broader scope of regions. It means that your child can have a more flexible thought process that can help him or her in storing information more readily as compared to the others.

Yes, a piano lesson may cost a significant amount of money, but if you want your child to have a different kind of fulfillment and edge over the others, you can consider enrolling him/her in a piano lesson.

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