Choosing Assisted Living for Senior Home Care Support

Caring for an elderly parent or loved one can become emotionally, mentally and physically draining. If the right resources are not accessed, caring for a senior citizen can also be expensive and laws are applied if you neglect these duties. However, there is help. Adult children, extended family members, and other caregivers do not have to go it alone.

seniors need companions to help then in daily activitiesSenior Home Care Services

Local and national home care agencies  will send therapists and other trained healthcare professionals into an elderly family member’s home. Services offered through home care agencies include:

  • Hygiene support (e.g., bathing, dressing)
  • Medicine administration
  • Wound cleaning and dressing
  • Physical therapy
  • Errand running (e.g., grocery shopping)
  • Light house cleaning
  • Meal preparation
  • Recreation

Beyond the above services that senior home care agencies provide, companionship is another key benefit that senior citizens receive from agency professionals. It is not uncommon for at home caretakers to become trusted and valued friends of their clients.

Getting Professional Senior Home Care Support

Senior home care agency administrators, volunteers, and staff members realize that adult children have a myriad of responsibilities (e.g., raising their own children, work) that can prevent them from physically being with their aging parents as often as they would like. Because of this, some local and national senior home care agencies will provide support after an adult child places a telephone call with them. Support can begin within 48 hours or less of the phone call.

Volunteers and professionals who work with agencies range from:

  • Registered nurses (RNs)
  • Licensed practical nurses (LPNs)
  • Physical therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Dietitians

Alzheimer care training is provided through many national senior home care agencies. Seniors who live in assisted living facilities can also receive the health care services at home. Costs for the care is less than the cost of placing an elderly loved one in a nursing home.

Background checks and criminal investigations can be conducted by the agency by professionals before they are permitted to provide care to a senior citizen in their home. Family members who are considering engaging a senior home care agency in providing additional support for an aging relative should ensure everything is fine. They should also discuss billing, including invoice frequency and where and to whom to address the bills for the care.

Senior Home Care Lengths

trained professionals know how to help seniorsHome care is available on a short and long term basis. For example, a loved one who recently underwent surgery and who would like to recuperate at home could receive senior home care services until they were completed healed and on their feet again. Care can also be provided to special needs children, injured young adults, etc.

Experienced senior home care professionals know how to remain calm during instances when the aging relative might be upset or confused. Their support allows aging adults to enjoy the comforts of the homes. They have spent years caring for and sharing special times with friends and family members in. The support also allows adult children, grandchildren, and extended family members to feel “at home” each time that they visit with their elderly family member.

Senior home care professionals include nurses, therapists, and volunteers. Care covers a broad range of areas including hygiene, housekeeping, errand running, and companionship.  To ensure that the home care professional who enters can bond in the aging relative’s home, family members must continuously monitor the progress. They should also communicate to the agency where you can send invoices for the care.

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